The most possible: Como utilizar esta estrutura do inglês

Ruth Braga
Can I use "the most possible" as in "Give the most possible attention to you"? Or should I use "as much attention as possible". The second sentence sounds more natural to me, but in my research about the subject I have seen sentences like "Everything about Hollywood is about how to get the most possible people to come." or "It's purely about how we can make the most possible money off of them."
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1 resposta

Redseahorse 12165 2 19 245
Well, after a quick semantic approach to these phrases. Guessingly, I'd say that there's a slight difference between the two applications.
Taking into account the use of the word MUCH as an adjective, it'd be left that the word MOST would be its superlative form; hence there'd be in these sentences a minute misinterpretation or at least a narrow inconsistency.

I might be wrong!