The Perfect Peach!

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Bruise = "machucado".
Blemish = "mancha".
Fort Mason farmer’s market = mercado de agricultores em San Francisco, California.
Grimace = fazer cara feia.
Scowl = olhar de cara feia.
Pick up = "levantar", "pegar", "escolher".
Pick out = "escolher".
Adage = "adágio".


See that ugly bruise / blemish on the peach above?? Yeah, I grimaced too when I picked it up at the Fort Mason farmer’s market. Just as I was putting it back in the heap in search of a prettier peach, the farmer told me I should reconsider and that it was in fact a perfect peach. I must have scowled at him because he laughed and said, “No, seriously! That is a perfect peach!”

Apparently, as he kindly explained, the blemish was actually sugar crystallizing on the skin – a sign that almost always guarantees that a peach will be sweet and perfectly ripe.

I took the farmer’s advice and picked out as many simliar-looking peaches as I could find. And, no joke, they were probably the most delicious peaches I had all summer long! So, as the old adage goes, don’t judge a book by the cover.

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