The Simple Past of "Play"

Hi all

Today I have been doing some English exercices and I saw something different. In my book is written that all words that finishes with Y preceded for a consoant must replace the Y for I and add the ed in the end, in case of Simple Past. How about the word "Play"?

I tried to find the word "plaied" and seems it is wrong, you can check in this site

So, follow my question: Why does this rule do not cover the word "Play"?

Thanks and Regards

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Hi there,

I think this is just one of those "exceptions to the rule". ;)

This is why my advice to you is to take rules as guides, not laws.


Take care,
Welysson, as the rule says the verbs that are preceded by a consonant and ends with Y have the i + ed as the simple past form, like: apply - applied; try - tried.... but as the verb Play is preceded by a vowel it keeps its original form +ed, as in: stay - stayed; play - played;....
P.S: say - said (it is irregular in the simple past, so you have to check the verb and its conjugations to be right about the right form of it!!!!)
Good Luck !