The South African Accent

josneywat 6
I had a whale of time watching it!

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I hear it every week.
I didnt have idea South African accent was so weird, when i heard it I thought: well, britain accent is not that hard;D
I dont think their accent is weird..I think their accent is just fine...I loved it...I love diversity/variety
Personally, I think that the South African accent is really nice.

One of the first times I heard it was when I watched the movie "District 9". It was love at first sight :P

The movie is spoken almost 100% with the South African accent.

Take a look at the trailer. You can hear a little bit of the accent in it.
josneywat 6
Well, there's a slight difference between black and white South African Accent , I have learnt to appreciate both.
Realmente deve haver uma diferença de sotaques entre brancos e negros na África do sul. Já as duas raças viveram tanto tempo separados. Ouvi muito pouco esse sotaque, então não consigo diferenciá-los. De qq forma acho esse sotaque feio demais. É muito seco. Às vezes parece um dialeto de língua tribal.
The accents in District 9 are very heavy Afrikaans accents, and in fact only a small minority of South Africans speak with this kind of accent. There's quite a wide range of accents in SA, depending on the speaker's race, mother tongue, and geographic origin. For example here in Cape Town the accent of a black person would be different from that of a white native English speaker, which would be different from that of a white Afrikaans native speaker, which would be different from that of a "coloured" (mixed race) person.
JacksonB 2
I just love all kinds of accents :D , they are simply ways to speak. Portugal people may find our Portuguese SO weird and fake and everything, we are just not obliged to follow the place from where it came from, It's like an Open Source software, you can grab it and do whatever you want with it, change it all over and it will be yours (Some rights just forbid you to sell it).

Anyways, this girls messes up Zimbabwe accent :/ >>>
[youtube] ... re=related[/youtube]

see ya
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Na melhor das hipóteses, eu entendi no máximo 10 palavras do que ela disse... :o
Teria de ver e rever o vídeo muitas vezes pra entender tudo e, claro, esquecer do sotaque que estou acostumado...
De qualquer forma, achei muito interessante! :D