There's a pounding in my head X My head is pounding

Em uma música da Katy Perry - Last Friday Night, em uma parte da música ela diz a seguinte frase após acordar de uma noite passada de festa.
There's a stranger in my bed (Há um estranho na minha cama)
There's a pounding in my head (Tem um martelamento na minha cabeça/Minha cabeça está martelando)
Minha dúvida é que em vez de "There's a pounding in my head" se eu posso usar por exemplo, "My head is pounding" ou se estaria incorreto. Se estiver correto também, qual é o mais usado?

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To me both ways are fine.
But a little aside note here: by saying "There´s a pounding in my head."

Pounding is a noun and in it could suggest that the pounding is recent or not. It is a song, afterwards you understand that it comes from a hangover or something like that, so most problaby from "yesterday", there is the music refers to some happening on Saturday morning/noon or around it.

Whereas, in my "my head is pounding" (pounding is a verb ended in ING, and in this case, it means that my head is pounding right now, at the moment I am saying that..

Answering your question, yes. In my opinion it could be used both without any harm to the meaning.
But I must repeat, in this case, it´s not always that the meanings intersect.
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Avatar do usuário PPAULO 39785 6 32 695
It´s my pleasure to help a buddy. You´re welcome.