Thiago (OEstudantedeIngles): Diário de Bordo

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Let's do this! Well, The first thing I got to say is that the EE forum has been helping me a lot, everyday I learn something new here! and now It's been 6 months I started to learn english and I've been improving it so much reading text and books or watching movies(Though I'm very lazy to watch movies in english haha :) ) But I really think my english now is quite better than the english I spoke 6 months ago, I only knew a few words then and now, look at me, I'm writing a whole text in english. All my dedication's worth it. Well, I haven't got much more to say so, Bye!
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Congratulations, Thiago.

I agree with you. One can find a great wealth of information on the English language at English Experts. There's always an expert ready to clear up your doubts. My piece of advice is: stick around, perhaps their knowledge will just rub off on you. Who knows? he he

Keep up the good work :D
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Congratulations, Thiago. You're doing the right thing.

Keep up the good work!
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Hi there! Recently, I started to read a book in English (''The spook's battle'' By Joseph Delaney) and I found it to be just amazing! The story is marvellous and it helps me a lot to get new vocabulary everyday. I don't write down all the words I don't know, I only write the words that'll be necessary and will really improve my vocabulary =)

Some words I've been learning about:

''Shrug'' and so on ..

That's It, I do like to share with you guys what I'm learnin' =)
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I agree with you guys. It´s not for nothing that the site has attracted many learners - the right sort of learner, I mean, the one that find English interesting and even pleasurable.
I can tell you, it will make wonders to your life, be it to make you a well informed person, be it to help you out in a difficult situation...and the use of English to a number of things.

And that´s more, Thiago, I think you can use more exclamations to put more emphasis on your enthusiasm. To me, you have earned the right of using one here:
But I really think my English now is rather better than the English I spoke 6 months ago, I only knew a few words then, and now look at me! I'm writing a whole text in English!

Just kidding around, congratulations on your improvement and on your "follow-up text", you and a lot of others learners have taken advantage of the site, sometimes picking our brains, and then getting better by the day. Other times, making remarks, comments, follow-up questions, and teaching us a couple of things (or reminding us some things that we forget with time.)
Keep up the good work!