Tradução de "a little Pumphandle" em português


Gostaria de saber qual o significado da expressão: "(...)a little Pumphandle after the ceremony".

Agradeço desde já a atenção.

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PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
One defiinition of pumphandle is: "a handshake in which the arm is moved as though it were a pump handle." - Webster Dictionary.
Perhaps because when someone works a pump handle it seems like a handshake, seen at a distance, so somebody took advantage of the imagery.

I have learned tha at the Knox College, for instance, there is an annual tradition named "pumphandle" (called "handshake" at the Union College. In it students hand shake administration and faculty. The tradition seems like to foster the spirit of unity and leave behind likely frictions (normal because of the pressure of the tasks etc).

In Obama's Speech he might have referred to the handshake tradition, a rite which would take place after the ceremony.

The following book offer more details:
Campus Traditions: Folklore from the Old-Time College to the Modern Mega-University Traditions.
By Simon J. Bronner
Hello Paulo!
That is clear now. It's make sense.
Thanks for your help!
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
Glad that you got your doubt clarified, and that you appreciated it.

I a general way your sentence could be translated into "um singelo momento de confraternização no final da cerimônia" or "um pequeno momento de confraternização após a cerimônia (propriamente dita). Etc.