A no-holds-barred press conference - Tradução em português

As they settled into their seats on the Alitalia jet, the assembled members of the Vatican press corps might not have expected a great deal from the journey home. They had just followed the Catholic church's first Latin American pope meet and greet his way around Brazil. They had seen his Fiat Idea mobbed by weeping fans. They had watched him celebrate mass with three million pilgrims on the packed-out shores of Copacabana beach. What, they may have wondered, could top that?
Sometime after take-off, however, Pope Francis strolled to the back of the aircraft and give them their answer. The in-flight entertainment, it turned out, would be him: a no-holds-barred press conference that lasted for an hour and 20 minutes and was the first of its kind to take place on a papal plane since the early days of a vigorous John Paul II.

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Henry Cunha 3 18 184
meet and greet = fazer encontro/ficar conhecendo pessoas, e as saudar.

Some politicians like to "meet and greet" people while they are campaigning, and after they win it's all "skip and split".

a no-holds-barred press conference = a press conference in which no one holds back in asking or answering questions -- in other words, a real "give and take".

I think "holds" here really comes from wrestling, where some kinds of "grappling" is disallowed.