Are they worth it - Tradução em português

Are they worth it?
Blockbusters,or sucessful hit movies are expensive to make.

Bom! eu traduzi e gostaria de saber se está certo.

Eles valem tudo isso?
Campeões de vendas em bilheterias ou filmes de sucesso são muito caros para fazer.

Obs: Tenho dúvidas sobre Blockbusters e o Sucessful,não são a mesma coisa?
E quanto ao Hit que eu não consegui encaixar na tradução.


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Yep, you are right. "Blockbusters (films), are they worth it?" or
Blockbusters - are they worth it?

It could other ways:
...are they worth the cost?

Are blockbusters films worth the money/the cost/the expense?
Are blockbusters movies a well-spent money?

A succesful could be both, a HIT or just a non-unsuccesful, a movie that was not a failure, but not that good. So so.

A HIT or a BIG HIT (while speaking about movies) is a succesful one, or even a highly succesful one. As opposed to a dud/flop movie (a failure in movie ways).

A blockbuster is a MEGA HIT/SMASH HIT, that is, with popularity beyond all expectations.
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Are they worth it?
Eles valem (mesmo) a pena?

Blockbusters, or sucessful hit movies are expensive to make.
Filmes de grande produção e de muito sucesso são caros (para se fazer).
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Hi Jordania.
Altough you didn´t ask, but it worth noticing that the sentence "Blockbusters, or sucessful hit movies are expensive to make." while perfect and spotless, grammarly speaking; deserves further explanation on the sense.
That is, "a blockbuster" doesn´t necessarily (tough usually is...) have to be expensive. Conversely, an expensive movie can (and sometimes is) a flop.
So, a bomb/dud movie can either be an expensive one or an cheap/inexpensive one.

An example? Speed Racer perhaps would have everything to be a real splash! It was a very succesful anime television series ran in the U.S. by mid and late 60´s.
Made into film and release on May, 2008. It was...a flop!
It was panned by most critics and was a box office failure, making just under $93 million worldwide against a production budget of at least $120 million (before prints and advertising).

Now, the other way =>
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Almost 19 hours of usable footage was recorded which had to be edited down to 90 minutes.[8] The editing in post production took more than eight months. Originally it was hoped that the movie would make it on to cable television, and the filmmakers did not anticipate wide release.[5] The initial investment by the three University of Central Florida filmmakers was about US$35,000. Artisan acquired the film for US$1.1 million but spent US$25 million to market it.[14] The actors signed a "small" agreement to receive some of the profits from the film's release.[15]

A list of production budget figures have circulated over the years, appearing as low as $20,000. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Sánchez revealed that when principal photography first wrapped, approximately $20,000 to $25,000 had been spent.[16] Other figures list a final budget ranging between $500,000 and $750,000.[17]

The Blair Witch Project grossed $248,639,099 worldwide,[20] compared to its final budget, which ranged between $500,000 and $750,000.[17]


The film has been widely acclaimed by critics. Rotten Tomatoes provides links to 133 reviews for the film, with 85% of these reviews being favorable, ranking the film "Certified Fresh".[21] Also, the film holds a score of 81/100 on Metacritic, indicating "universal acclaim".[22] The film's "found-footage" format received near-universal praise by critics and has been declared a milestone in film history.

= = = =
So, the Blair Witch was a perfect "blockbuster", with both, critical (with the critics) and commercial success (with the public). To be considered a "blockbuster" it would need just to be, by definition, a commercial success.

In time, the horror film is not my genre, it was just for illustration´s sake. :D