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Eurozone crisis: Yields fall at Italian debt sale as Hungary scraps auction

• Italian sale only raises €7.017bn, versus €8.5bn maximum target
• Full details of today's Italian debt sale. Analysts aren't impressed.
• Hungary cancels auction of three-year bonds
• Today's agenda
• Catch up with yesterday's live coverage

Italian prime minister Mario Monti is pleased that bond yields came down in today's auction

4.48pm: We are going to bang the gavel on today's blog following a tricksome Italian debt auction. Next month will see many more testing days as Italy and Spain attempt to prise open investors' wallets, so stay on the edge of your seats. The FTSE closed up just over 1%, Germany's Dax index rose 1% and France's CAC-40 rose 1.3%.

Today's key developments:

• Italy sold €7bn of government debt in the latest test of market confidence in the eurozone. The auction was something of a mixed bag -- the country had hoped to raise as much as €8.5bn, but there was also some relief that bond yields fell back below 7%.

• Hungary cancelled an auction of three-year government debt, after receiving unacceptable bids. The country did manage to sell longer-dated debt, but at extremely high costs. The news sent the Hungarian forint falling to a one-month low.

• Greece has been hit by another 48-hour strike. Tax collectors joined the walkout, in protest at the Greek austerity programme.

• UK government bonds strengthened again. The yield on 10-year gilts hit a record low of 1.96% this morning.

• Mario Monti, the Italian Prime Minister, said the auction went "rather well" but then criticised investors for demanding such a high price from the Italian government over its German counterpart.

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''...attempt to prise open investors' wallets, so stay on the edge of your seats.''
''...tentam abrir a força as carteiras dos investidores, então fiquem bem na pontinha dos seus bancos/assentos.''

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