Tradução de "Belly up to the bar"

Sometimes you just have to belly up to the bar and take a chance. We made some mistakes, but we also had the strength to work our way out.

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"belly up" is a verb that means: to move close or next to.
For example: belly up to the buffet table and help yourselves. "Belly up" means g to the buffet and have some food, make yourselves comfortable here (like in a party or in a restaurant).
In this one sentence it literally means: come so close to the bar that your belly actually touches it. As if you were going up to a bar to get yourself a much-needed alcoholic drink (yahoo).
It could also mean "cair de cabeça" referring to the bar itself.

"Simply belly up to the bar, and give your order to a bartender."
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Olá ,tbm tem outro uso

If it all goes belly up
Se tudo dar errado..