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In private, he revealed the existence of a now much-maligned clause in the World Cup agreement that allows Fifa to withdraw the event from Brazil up to July of this year without the need for paying out compensation. That has fuelled conspiracy theories in some sections of the Brazilian press, speculating wildly that it is all a plot to install England as emergency hosts as a way of burying hatchets in Zurich and London after the 2018 bidding fiasco.

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2018 bidding fiasco - fiasco da proposta para Copa do mundo de 2018. (Os russos bateram a Inglaterra na disputa e, sendo a Inglaterra um dos favoritos, houve rumores que a proposta deles foi seriamente comprometida devido à denúncias de corrupção).
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Bidding: oferta, proposta (para fazer algo, fornecer algo, etc)

- the act of offering to do something or to provide something for a particular price. - Oxford