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Hello guys! What's up!

Could you help me to confirm if I got the right understanding in concern of "bitesize" meaning.

I've received news from Cambridge university and yesterday I got an email titled "Videos and bitesize ideas"...

At the first time I simply could not understand just "bitesize". Then, I went to Cambridge online dictionary and found something like " bite-sized" which means: "something that is small enough to put in your mouth whole".

So, With this explanation about mouth, Could I understand the same for our minds? What I mean... "bitesize ideas" like short videos and short / quick ideas that will help you to create something according to them?

I don't know if I can make this sentence: "We can improve our ability regarding to speak English better just working out with bitesize ideas!"

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Donay Mendonça 22 106 1.6k

"Videos and bitesize ideas.''
"Vídeos e ideias simples e fáceis de entender.''


1.Small enough to be eaten in one bite
2.(by extension) Broken down into small pieces that are individually easy to understand or manage. []
3. Quickly or easily comprehended, resolved, etc. []

Para a sentença, sugiro usar: "we can improve our English speaking skills just by using bitesize ideas.


''I think you have found a funny way to improve your English speaking skills.''