Broken tin-pot of a sweatshop; Boot - Tradução em português

Simon Vasconcelos 12 239
On Tuesday, Molly Prince, the managing director of CPUK, reconfirmed that a number of staff were unpaid but apologised for the fact that a number of their stewards had to sleep under London Bridge.
In a statement Prince said: "The London Bridge incident should never have happened but was to some extent outside our control, the coach drivers insisted on leaving. For this we sincerely apologise, on investigation this morning the majority of the team were happy, fed and looked after as best possible under the circumstances.

Comentário desse artigo: The world will laugh at us, and not for the first time. What a broken tin-pot of a sweatshop we've become, and a shameful excuse for a society to boot.

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Thomas 7 62 297
A sweatshop is a factory where workers are treated unfairly and work under terrible conditions.
This office reminds me of a sweatshop in Engliand during the 1700s.
Five Paraguayan were found working in a Foz sweatshop under awful conditions.

to boot = also, in addition
She has lived in João Pessoa and Campinas to boot.
He is a policeman and an ambulance driver to boot.
Simon Vasconcelos 12 239
Sim, mas qual é a tradução de "broken tin-pot of a sweatshop"?
Thomas 7 62 297
uma oficina de m-rda, um lugar feio para trabalhar

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