Bus stage - Tradução em português

Here is the context:

"Our house is only 2 minutes walk to Mt Einstein Road. Only 2 bus stages to the city and easy access to..."

By the context, I would guess that "bus stage" is just a "bus stop" ("ponto de ônibus" in Portuguese). They are usually 2 blocks away from each other give or take.

However, that would be just 4 blocks, that is, you could easily go on foot, without taking a bus... So, I would say that "2 bus stages" means that I would have to take 2 different buses to get to the city... Am I guessing it right?

Thanks in advance!! ;)

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Donay Mendonça 22 107 1.6k

Veja uma definição:

A Bus stage is a locality which ideally engulfs 2 to 3 stops that are in 1 km radius. Bus stage abstracts away the stop details from being entered into the Route. Any route from Stage A to Stage B goes through a predefined set of Stops. - wiki.busroutes

Na minha opinião, não se trata necessariamente de quantos ônibus você pega, mas sim do número de "pontos de ônibus''. Cada "bus stage" equivale a 2 ou 3 bus stops.
Henry Cunha 3 18 183
Donay, I agree. So in the original quote, the reference is to a distance of a couple of kilometers. A little too far to walk, but not too distant or time-consuming by bus.

By the way, "bus stage" is not a North-American expression, as far as I can tell. I had never heard it before in this context. A bus staging area ( a terminal) could be a large station where many bus lines come together, but that's another story.