Cut my losses - Tradução em português

I was reading a text, and I Couldn't understand this expression "cut my losses". What do it means?
The whole phrases is "I'd better cut my losses now and get rid of this junk!"
Can you help me?

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Cut one's losses (Australian Slang) = abandon a project in which one has already invested some part of one's capital, either material or emotional, for no return, so as not to incur more losses (Babylon - canto direito inferior da tela)

I'd better cut my losses now and get rid of this junk! = Seria melhor se eu abandonasse "o projeto" agora pra evitar prejuízos e me livrasse dessa droga!
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Cortar o mal pela raiz,deixar de fazer algo que não está dando certo,evitar mais prejuízos,etc.

Boa sorte!
Thomas 7 60 290
The expression is common in the USA. It is usually related to money, but it could be used to describe bringing to an end a romantic relationship or a variety of other things.

"We have dated for a year and she cannot decide if she wants to marry or not. I think I will cut my losses and go."

An expression with a similar meaning is "to quit while the quitting is good."

"I keep losing money in this restaurant. I am tired of working hard and not seeing any profits. I think I will quit while the quitting is good."