Tradução de "dry out"

Hi there,

Last night I was watching Resurrection, the new serie, and I heard this:

00:21:39,901 --> 00:21:42,136
You take a vacation.
You dry out.

Context: The sheriff is advising a guy not to do anyting that he'd regret. People from the town could demand to get him jailed and then we hear this dialogue. I personally understood "dry out" coz it is used in a parallelism with "you take a vacation"... it is pretty clear from the context. My doubt is that I was interested in getting closer to a counterpart in portugues. I've looked it up in Longman's Phrasal Verbs Dictionary and others and haven't found any meaning related to. Could it be "vazar" with the idea of leavin' a place?

Has anyone ever heard it?

Thanks in advance!
Avatar do usuário Thomas 14090 7 58 277
To dry out = To stop using alcohol and get the body free of the chemical.
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