Tradução de entrevista com James Roday

I tried to translate this interview, i don't if i'm right but you guys can correct it. Just until 2:00

Join me now, its psych's satr james roday, welcome james roday. Thank you, thank you very much. All right so third season for me on the last week and this season seems a little bit different, would you say a little more emotional, more hard,what the difference is coming outside?. You know,if,if it...their souls to step know we don't have a ...cover shoulders much, so we got try the...psych...i loved one of those new... this is of course the player mother miss...ah what's surprises do you starting working in someone as... Any time you have someone who is working with...that has a kind of a connect flavor to the, you never know exactly how to approach the situation was a great about the...she's came immediately...everyone made their jobs very easy for us, we're also... she just came in...everyone, and she was absolute...she's a... she did, the came in, you know she never, she never easy job, i mean we don't do a lot of emotion stuff on yhe psych, and, he is...for about to seasons, she has to come in and not...some, you know, some pretty intense stuff in a only couple scenes. Sure. Not easy, but she was... and...she's party of the family. She, she's party of the family.I loved it ,now , now you show also, it has such a great cast but you know it's not for having this greats guest star, ah, any actor they would love have...guest star anyone looking for...we've got some pretty people...on the seasons large...came up.
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Joining me now is Psych's star James Roday. Welcome James. Thank you, thank you very much. Alright, so third season premiered last week, and uh, this season seems a little bit different, would you say, a little more emotional, more heart, what differences can we expect?

You know, we've challenged ourselves to step it up a notch. You know, we're not having to look over our shoulders much, so uh, we're gonna try to peel a few .. new layers off the onion. The proverbial Psych onion.

I love it, I love it! And one of those new layers is of course, the actress hired to play your mother, Ms. Cybill Shepherd. Umm, what surprised you when you started working with someone as well respected as Cybill?

Anytime you have someone who... who you work with that sorta has that kind of iconic flavor to them, you never know exactly, like, how to approach... the situation. What was great about Cybill is that she sorta just came in and immediately sorta embraced everyone and made our jobs really easy for us. Because while we were all sorta ...... in the corner saying, 'well, what do we say *mumbling*', she just came in and completely ingratiated herself to everyone. And she was an absolute peach, she was a fuzzy human peach.

She's a peach you call mom now.

She did, she came in... and you know, and she didn't have an easy job, I mean, we don't do a lot of emotional stuff on Psych... and here's this character that you've heard about for 2 seasons, she has to come in and knock out some, you know, some pretty intense stuff in only a couple scenes.

Sure. - Not easy, but uhh, she was game, and uhh she did her thing. - She's part of the family. - She is, she's part of the family. - I love it. Now your show also, it has such a great cast but you know, it's known for having these great guest stars. Any actor that you would love to have come on as a guest star? Anyone that we can look forward to, that you're particularly looking forward to? - We've got some pretty good people lined up for this season. - Like?? - Like Rachel Lee Cook, came up. - We love her. - She was cool. Umm, we just finished an episode with Gary Cole and Alan Ruck, in the same episode.