Flake out - Tradução em português

Please, help me!
Waht means the following expression on the frase under?
I have to give a presentation this afternoon an I can't flake out on my coworkers.

I wait for good answers, thank all!

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Donay Mendonça 22 102 1.5k

Flake out:Não fazer o que foi combinado,furar,dar um bolo,agir estranhamente,deixar na mão.

Bons estudos!
Thomas 7 60 288
A flake is an irresponsible person, a nut is a person who is a fanatic or simply crazy, and a fruit is an unfortunately derogatory term for someone whose is gay. There was a joke years ago that went, "California is like a bowl of granola. If you take out the nuts and fruits, all you have left are the flakes."

"Flake" is often used to mean "caloteiro", someone most reluctant to pay loans and bills.
Marcio_Farias 1 23 214
fabriciorisan escreveu:Please, help me!
fabriciorisan, you may strongly consider dropping the comma after the word Please. At least in this case, native English speakers (mother tongue users of English) will not use the comma at all.


Please help me! (Not Please, help...)
Waht means the following expression on the frase under?
I suggest, "What does the expression flake out in the following sentence mean?"

Others may suggest better, though.
Thomas 7 60 288
Márcio, have you heard "to flake out" to mean to sleep, go to bed? I think I have, but it may be just my senility acting up again.

I'm going to crash. (crash pad = place to sleep, much like "budim" in Argentina)
I'm going to stack up some Zs. (in English language cartoons, the characters have "Zs" in the air above their heads when they sleep)
I'm going to rack out. (rack = military term for bed)
Marcio_Farias 1 23 214
Thomas, the Free Dictionary website agrees with you. So does the Princeton University website.

flake out
  1. To fall asleep or collapse from fatigue or exhaustion.
  2. To act in an odd or eccentric manner.
  3. To lose interest or nerve.
Warning. I did concoct the following sentence examples. Native English speakers (conscious mother tongue users of English) may produce different or better sentence examples.

Rather tired and sleepy, Urinoldo flaked out in the middle of the lecture. (U fell asleep, nodded off or collapsed from fatigue or because tired. More likely U nodded off during the long, boring lecture)
Don't set any appointments with Amada Yamada. She has the habit of flaking out on every other appointment. (AY invariably fails to show up at every other appointment)
Urinoldo and Amada Yamada both flaked out over their mommy dating her schoolmate, 25 years younger than her. (U and AY both freaked out over...)
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