Follow my lead - Tradução em português

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Eu sei que tem o "seguir" no meio, eu pensei em "Siga o meu comando", por causa do "my lead", mas eu não acho lá que esteja certo isso, preciso de segundas opiniões, obrigado! :D

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É basicamente isso mesmo.
Alguma coisa comp: "sigam minha liderança", "sigam meu comando".

Take care!
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"Escute o que digo e olhe o que faço, ajudando e participando como puder."

The following conversation is not a GREAT example, but it illustrates the phrase a little. When I tell you (DHST) "to follow my lead", I am telling you not to argue with me, to trust me, and to play an active part in the expected conversation.

DHST - Dale, I really need a better paying job. Can you talk to your boss? I know your company pays more than mine.
Dale - Sure. Follow my lead.
Dale - Mr. Watson, I'd like you to meet the world's best machinist and a good friend of mine. Mr, Watson, this is DHST DHST, meet Mr. Watson.
Watson - Pleased to meet you, DHST.
DHST - Mr. Watson, it's an honor.
Watson - So, you're a machinist? What kinds of machines do you work on?
DHST - I have ten years of experience in running various kinds of machines such as surface grinders, turret lathes, engine lathes, gauge grinders, and so forth. I've been employed by Western Drill Bushings for the past six years.
Watson - Western? That's a good company. We've stolen some of their people. We pay a little better here. Our work is much more varied than theirs. Dale has talked about you before, so I know he holds you in high regard. You know, we could use another good turret lathe operator. Are you interested?
DHST - I certainly am. Can you give me the details?
Watson - If you have a minute, we could step into my office and talk in depth about what the company is looking for.
DHST - That would be swell!
Watson - Dale, bring DHST to my office in about ten minutes, would you?
Isso seria faça o que eu disser our algo assim?