Gaffe-strewn visit - Tradução em português

Mitt Romney's campaign is scrambling to limit the damage from his gaffe-strewn visit to London – which has drawn mocking put-downs from the city's mayor and the British prime minister, and "Mitt the twit" headlines in the UK – by saying that Americans don't care what the foreign press prints.

Nesta aula, o professor Adir Ferreira, autor do livro "A Chave do Aprendizado da Língua Inglesa", nos conta como se tornou um Expert em pronúncia e dá várias dicas para você se comunicar melhor em inglês. ACESSAR AULA
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A "gaffe" is a social or diplomatic mistake. It is like asking a man's wife if she is pregnant and she is only overweight, or going to a meeting at the White House and asking to use the white bathroom. Lula made a comment once about people with blue eyes. Who was the dumbest of them all?

Obviously this politician was really stupid, and he made one blunder after another. "Gaffe-strewen" means that there was one mistake after another, from beginning to end.