Tradução de "Girl bull-ish"

Avatar do usuário Simon Vasconcelos 4170 7 79
So if you wanna go, walk right out that door. Cos I don't want no more of your pretty girl bull-ish. If you wanna leave, it's okay with me.
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Avatar do usuário Juliana Rios 18850 21 98 389
Pretty girl bull-ish = Pretty girl bullshit = Nonsensical or deceptive pretty girl talk.
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 39175 6 32 684
Bull can also be short for ''bulshit'', someone that talks nonsense/giberish/baloney...,

and chances are that this guy lyrics also kinda made a wordplay with the word bully-ish - as in:

Pharrell is having his say on the shooting of 18-year-old Mike Brown, and he has some questions about the teen’s “bully-ish behavior.” ... -behavior/

But then, just an educated guess here.