Go for broke; Balsa wood went up... - Tradução em português

With no more novel left to film, producers decided to go for broke and blow all hell out of the long-standing set they'd built in Leavesden, near Watford, Hertfordshire; one crew member estimated that half a ton of balsa wood went up in smoke during filming. It was all very Saving Private Ryan, said the film's star, Daniel Radcliffe.

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TO GO FOR BROKE = to bet all your money at the same time. If you lose, you lose everything. But if you win....you win big!
I'm going to go for broke and bet all my money on this card hand. If I win, I will buy a new house and car. If I lose, I won't have a penny left in the world.

BALSA WOOD = As you know, this is a very light, cheap wood. It is often used when making a movie for the construction of houses, bridges, etc. that are going to be dynamited.

= to be destroyed completely
A fire came through the neighborhood last year, and my house went up in smoke.
When I found her with another man, my plans to marry her went up in smoke.