Tradução de história infantil

Traduzam estes trechos:' His choice fell on a widow lady, of a proud and tyrannical temper, who had two daughters by a former marriage, both as haughty and bad-tempered as their mother. No sooner was the wedding over, than the step-mother began to show her bad temper. She could not bear her step-daughter's good qualities, that only showed up her daughters' unamiable ones still more obviously, and she accordingly compelled the poor girl to do all the drudgery of the household...' ' Yet the poor thing bore this ill treatment very meekly, and did not dare complain to her father, who thought so much of his wife that he would only have scolded her...' ' Yet, for all her shabby clothes, Cinderella was a hundred times prettier than her sisters, let them be dressed ever so magnificently. /The poor little Cinder-wench! this harsh stepmother was a sore trial to her; and how often, as she sate sadly by herself, did she feel that there is no mother like our own, the dear parent whose flesh and blood we are, and who bears all our little cares and sorrows tenderly as in the apple of her eye!'

O que significa o termo 'no sooner', 'let', 'sate´no contexto do texto?

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Thomas 7 60 290
(1) no sooner = immediately after, as soon as
(2) let = permit, may
(3) sate = sat

(1) No sooner was the wedding over... = Ao acabar o casamento...
(2) let them be dressed ever so magnificently = embora estivessem vestidas elegantemente (inglês muito arcaico)
(3) This appears to be a simply typographical error. The writer meant "sat" but "sate" appears in the text. "To sate" is a verb, but [a] it doesn't make sense in this context, and the verb needs to be in the past tense, and the past tense of "to sate' is "sated" and not "sate". "Sat" (sentada) makes perfect sense.

Não vou traduzir o conto. Se precisar de ajuda, lhe ajudarei mas não vou traduzí-lo.
Donay Mendonça 22 106 1.6k

No sooner was the wedding over, than the step-mother began to show her bad temper
==>Mal o casamento tinha acabado e a madrasta começou a mostrar seu mau humor.

let them be dressed ever so magnificently.
==> Mesmo que se vestissem com muito capricho.

3. Concordo com o que o tomas disse a respeito de "sate" e "sat".
as she sat sadly by herself
==> Enquanto ficava sentada triste e sozinha.

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