Hold your own,go your own way - Tradução em português

Hi there! I'm needing a lil help guys, on this passage : "hold your own, know your name and go your own way".
I know it doens't mean se segure, but i can't remember what it mean.
thanks ;)

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Hi Prii!

I've found some meanings for your sentence!

1º)Hold your own - "To be able to handle yourself in a fight or similar situation, with little or no help from anyone else."

Ex: "Big Al isn't a fighter, but if anyone ever provokes him, he'll be able to hold his own. I bet you can hold your own too, Jimmy."

2º)Hold your own - "If you hold your own, you are as successful as other people in a situation, or as good as others at an activity."

"Kelly's a great tennis player and she can hold her own against anyone in her class, including the boys."

"Mark works so hard because he hates the thought of not holding his own against old school friends when it comes to earning money."

I hope it helps!

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Olá Pessoal,


Hold your own:Aguenta firme,segura a barra,mantenha-se forte.
Go your own way:Faça do seu jeito

Boa sorte!
Heey, thanks guys! :D
you helped me a lot!