Tradução de "Hoof it up;Phone it in;Past that again"

Simon Vasconcelos 4335 7 85
"It's worked immeasurably for me," he says of his year living in New York and hoofing it up nightly at the Al Hirschfeld theatre on West 45th Street. "The advantage of a long run is that you have the great moment when you open and you think you're fantastic and the world loves you, and you're getting great audiences all the time. Then you have that moment halfway through the run where you suddenly think you're awful and you've been doing it for so long that it no longer feels fresh, and you just think you're phoning it in and faking it. Then you find a way past that again to a point where actually the material suddenly takes on a new life. And that's all up to you – that's your job over a long run, to find ways of keeping it fresh."
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Henry Cunha 10190 3 16 182
hoofing it up = dancing (probably)
phoning it in = fingindo a execução ('mandando pelo telefone' em vez de empenho real)
find a way past that again = achar de novo um jeito de ultrapassar ('that' = o problema de estar cansado de fazer a mesma 'performance')