I hit no more of them - Tradução em português

But when I had watched the movements of one of them under the bushes against the red sky, I understood their total helplessness and pain in the strong light and hit no more of them

Se hit é um verbo transitivo direto, em frases assim, por que usaram of no texto acima? Muda o sentido?

WELLS, H.G. The Time Machine. Penguin Readers Level 4. Pearson Education, 2008, p. 55.

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It´s like a figure of speech. I mean, I would say it´s idiomatic. So, it would be a case of "one wouldn´t argue with usage".
It´s also not much frequently found outside literature and within the context of art.

Song Roach. Sang by Dr. Dre:
I don't want hit no more of that old sh*t.
Meaning I '"don´t want hit that old sh*t any longer."

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In the third scene, Bugs comes to Wile E.'s home and sarcastically "gives up on the count of he can't fight no more of such genius," clearly seeing the coyote as little more than a wannabe-Einsteinian buffoon.

...on the count of "he can´t fight no more of such genius", the boldened part meaning "he can´t fight such genius any longer.".

So, in your example: and hit no more of them could be redone into "...and (I) don´t hit them any longer."

Granted, it´s not everyday that you see such usage.