I'm feeling like a clucky mom - Tradução em português

I was reading some texts on the web and casually I found an unknown word. I'm fine with the sentence itself, but "clucky" put me on doubt. I'm pretty sure it's a slang, maybe a dirty one.
Can you help me, please?

"I'm feeling like a clucky mom."

Thanks in advance,

[If have any mistake on my text, please correct me.]

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Sans context it´s a bit of guessing game, huh? but I will try my hand at it.
1) Maybe she is a mom already and saw a little child in the streets or other place, and got herself wishing to get pregnant again.

2)If she have no child, she feels like having one, or feels like planning to have one. In a way, she feels like answering the "call of nature".

3)If she have a child and feels, in any way the child is threatened (a strange is trying to make contact/a little friend wants to fight with the child/she sees a bigger child being/getting bullied) she will be mad at it, she will act the "broody hen"


So in Portuguese:
1 e 2)"pensando em ter filhos"/"saudosas de ter filhos"/tem saudades do tempo que tiveram filhos etc.
3) "agir como uma leoa" ou qualquer mãe do reino animal, que é bastante protetora dos filhos. (há mães que não são tão protetoras no reino animal, mas são não fazem parte desse exemplo.)

http://www.circleofmoms.com/july-2008-b ... cky-299965

I only have one little girl who is now 10mths and whilst it is exciting to see her grow and develop and reach new milestones I can't help feeling that she is growing up too fast and missing the earlier months. I am now finding myself looking at my daughter and getting "clucky" wanting another baby.

I am totally in the same boat. I am getting SO sentimental...looking at baby pictures, kissing her as much as I can and getting teary eyed when I think about her getting older..
I have been finding myself wanting another one, and dreaming about being pregnant/having another. I thinks its pretty normal :)