I walked away, wrestling my... - Tradução em português

Hi people.

I think, I translated correctly this text, even although I wasn't able to translate this phrase:
"I walked away, wrestling my overcoat off my shoulders, forgetting the man with the rubber boots"
What's the mean?

He was black and aging - his beard and hair were half—gray and hadn’t been washed or cut in years.
He looked straight ahead through thick sunglasses, thoroughly ignoring me, and making me wonder for a
second why, exactly, I was inspecting him. He didn’t belong. It was not his building, not his elevator,
not a place he could afford. The lawyers on all eight floors worked for my firm at hourly rates that still seemed obscene to me,
even after seven years. just another street bum in from the cold. Happened all the time in downtown Washington. But we had
security guards to deal with the riffraff. We stopped at six, and I noticed for the first time that
he had not pushed a button, had not selected a floor. He was following me. I made a quick exit,
and as I stepped into the splendid marble foyer of Drake & Sweeney I glanced over my shoulder just long enough
to see him standing in the elevator, looking at nothing, still ignoring me. Madam Devier,
one of our very resilient receptionists, greeted me with her typical look of disdain. "Watch the elevator," I said.
why? "Street bum. You may want to call security." "Those people," she said in her affected French accent.
"Get some disinfectant too." I walked away, wrestling my overcoat off my shoulders, forgetting the man with the rubber boots.
I had nonstop meetings throughout the afternoon, important

hourly rates = taxas horarias
riffraff = ralé
marble foyer = hall de marmore
splendid = explendito
I glanced over my shoulder just long enough = Eu olhei por cima do meu ombro tempo suficiente
"Get some disinfectant too." = pegue algum desinfetante também
I walked away, wrestling =

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Uma interpretação:

Eu fui embora tirando meu casaco dos ombros e esquecendo o homem das botas de borracha.
Faz todos sentido.
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