Tradução de "I want to see things my ways"

Hello guys! This is mine doubt:

- If the sentence I wrote above means "Quero ver as coisas do meu jeito".

If no, What would be the correct translation?

Thanks everyone!
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Avatar do usuário Camila Oliveira 1420 1 13 30
Hey Erick, how's it going?

Your sentence is almost correct! In fact, we say I want to see things my way.

I hope that helps.
;) Camila, Thank you very much!
I added a "S" and I shouldn't, would it be this?
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 40635 6 32 709
Answering your last question. Yes, you guessed right.

And in addition let me make a little correction here:
I added an "s" and I shouldn't, would it be this?