Tradução de "Kino's people sang OF everything that existed"

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Gostaria de saber se sang for foi trocado por sang of por um possível erro de edição do livro, ou se realmente existe esta forma de se expressar:

Kino's people sang of everything that existed. They made songs to the fishes. They made songs to the angry sea and to the calm sea. They made songs to the light and the dark and the sun and the moon. The songs were all in Kino and in his people - every song that was ever made, even the forgotten ones.

John Steinbeck. The Pearl. Penguin Active Reading. Level 3. Pearson Education, 2007, p. 12.
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SANG OF = cantavam sobre

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There´s no mistake in the writing there:
Kino's people sang of everything that existed.
Kino's people sang about/concerning everything that existed.
7) about; concerning: speak to me of love

Thus, one can sing, write of something, the "something" would be the subject of his singing/writing.

"Sang of" can be used in a non-literal way as well:
Where Whitman sang of his own country, immersed himself in his own nation, …
Balmont the Neoromantic escapist poet wrote of faraway places-Japan, China, India, Persia, the Crimea and Caucasus, the American West, the France of Baudelaire and Verlaine. Balmont’s poetry is not devoid of a Whitman-like celebration of life and joyous praise of nature, but where Whitman celebrated life successfully, Balmont’s poetry is usually what Soviet critics distrust in Symbolism for its lack of relationship to reality and dislike in Decadentism for its preoccupation with death, insanity, evil, despair, and corrupt sexuality.
There is, Whitman inspiration for his writings/poems were his own country. We know that Walt Whitman was an American poet, essayist, and journalist (not a singer).