Tradução de "land grab acquisition"

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Hi there, Kingflare. In this case would be a bit different, you are talking about "illegal grab land''.

Despite the definition being contentious, I was thinking about the "large-scale land acquisitions" made by companies, mostly transnationals (but sometimes large national ones), being beneficial or hurtful to the locals. I mean, the large scale acquisition itself.
That is, corporations somehow feeling the world, country, or continent as a '"territory" where they want a chunk, like a farmer that thinks if he buy a bigger farm he will dominate the agricultural market, only that is an analogy.

Those companies may or may not be trying to dominate the market by "land grabbing" the small ones (and their clients), but
it would not be illegal, could be unethical (if they meant to kill innovation, to raise prices etc).

Here the definition. But worth noticing that, most of the time, people remember (and cite) the "land grab" to refer to some harmful effect.
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