Tradução de "Life's too short to not go for broke"

O que significa esta expressão?

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A vida é curta demais para não se ir com tudo em prol do objetivo

Go for broke Informal
To commit or expend all of one's available resources toward achievement of a goal: "Why not go for broke and take on somebody who is quite young and see what he does?" (Roger L. Stevens).

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I think it´s the opposite of "Life's too short to be spending all your money and being broke".
Per Iminem song´s meaning, that people get too worried about money that they forget to live, so one has to wheigh if it is worth it to be pinching pennies if suddenly one can meet death or some condition wich makes one imcapable of enjoying life. That´s it, it means "don´t let money be your master, be the master of your money", or material things.
Next time, please please, offer some context. ;-)