Low-flying...harmlessly wide; Ponged - Tradução em português

Freekick to Barcelona, about 28 yards out. Dani Alves fancies his chances, ever. But his low-flying blaster deflects off Piqué and harmlessly wide. "After being lucky enough to watch the 1999 Rugby World Cup Final in Cardiff, I managed to catch a train after a power cut at the station," says Fraser Thomas, recalling a great unpunished goof. "Let's say I was somewhat tired and emotional. I was trying to get back to Leeds and ended up in King's Cross. Next to me on the seat was my empty wallet and next to it about £100 in cash, all my credit cards and train ticket. Nothing was missing." Except an explanation for this freak occurance. Had you, perhaps, wet yourself and therefore ponged so badly that no one dared approach, even to lift your wallet?

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Mas seu chute forte e rasteiro desviou no Piqué e foi para fora sem oferecer perigo.
"ponged" - smelled so badly that... - fedeu tanto que...