Make up your mind - Tradução em português

Hi everyone!

I was watching that serie "The Fresh Prince of Bel-air", with Will Smith,
and there is an episode that Will's cousin, Ashley, sing a song called "Make up your mind".

I wonder what means that, does anyone here know the meaning of it?

Thx in advance!

See you.

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Thomas 7 61 291
Decide, choose

The singer is asking the listener if he has ever had to choose between two or more women. As I recall, in one part of the song, he goes to a girl's house where he meets her sister. The father of the girls tells him he had better go home "and make up your mind" (choose/decide which daughter you want to date). It's a funny song, but there is truth in the message.
Daniel.S 1 2 7
tomar a sua decisão, chegar a uma conclusão
Thx for the help guys!

I appreciate ;D