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Hello!!! I'm trying to translate the following paragraph, but i don't know the meaning of "mind-melding". Could you help me? Thank you very much!!!

What is Footprinting?

The systematic and methodical footprinting of an organization enables attackers to create a near complete profile of an organization’s security posture. Using a combination of tools and techniques coupled with a healthy dose of patience and mind-melding, attackers can take an unknown entity and reduce it to a specific range of domain names, network blocks, subnets, routers, and individual IP addresses of systems directly connected to the Internet, as well as many other details pertaining to its security posture. Although there are many types of footprinting techniques, they are primarily aimed at discovering information related to the following environments: Internet, intranet, remote access, and extranet.


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"Meld" is a combination of the words "to melt" and "to weld". It is a very unusual word! Wikipedia offers the following: "A "mind-meld" is a technique for sharing thoughts, experiences, memories, and knowledge with another individual."
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