My heart is tattoed on my sleeve - Tradução em português

Hey guys :)

A few days ago I was searching a few lyrics on the internet and I found a particular one, the song is "Creed - On My Sleeve"

At certain point he sings "My heart is tattoed on my sleeve", I was wondering, is there a specific translation to that expression1 or the translation is just like it would be in portuguese?

There is also another song which uses something like that... Calvin Harris sings "... I wear my heart upon my sleeve..."

Could you pls help me out?

Thanks ;)



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- Minhas emoções estão na cara (não tem muito como esconder, eu sou assim)
- Todo mundo sabe o que sinto, para o bem ou para o mal (sou intenso em tudo que sinto ou faço).

Now from Urban Dictionary:

Heart on their sleeve
1. to show ones emotion in the open
2. for everyone around you to know what your thinking or feeling

heart on your sleeve -
Someone who becomes devoted to something too easily or gives their heart away quickly. They might be easily upset by things going on around them.
Be good to her; she wears her heart on her sleeve.