Tradução de "open eternal life"

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Creio que eu esteja diante de um uso incomum do verbo "to open" aqui.
Certamente, não se trata de "abrir".
O que seria, então?

But, upon His Return, He will open eternal life and salvation to the whole world! The world is now cut off from God (lsa. 59:1-2)
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I think "will open" can be "dará acesso" or "disponibilizará/proverá/facultará" would be good options.
"Open" could mean "accessible/attainable/available".
You can see that one of the antonyms of "cut off" is give. So, the world is blocked from getting access to eternal life, then it will be allowed to get access upon his return (at the time a prophecy from Isaiah).

The part quoted is an interpreation from the verses 1-2, since it´s not an ipsis-litteris (verbatim copy) from the said verses. Just saying, because one can think it was.