Out-muscling; Have fallen prey - Tradução em português

Is the EU taking its over-fishing habits to west African waters?

The UN says EU trawlers are out-muscling 1.5 million fishermen, who themselves warn west Africa could 'become like Somalia'.
Sea-fishing areas of west Africa have fallen prey to the world's largest and most modern fishing fleets.
Mauritania's waters are crowded. Twenty-five miles out to sea and in great danger from turbulent seas are small, open pirogues crewed by handfuls of local fishermen, taking pitifully few fish. Also here within 50 miles of us are at least 20 of the biggest EU fishing vessels, along with Chinese, Russian and Icelandic trawlers and unidentifiable pirate ships.

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Marcio_Farias 1 24 213
out-muscling = sobrepujando (figurativamente, derrotando por ter mais músculos)
have fallen prey = caíram/acabaram (como) presas (de alguma possível rapinagem)