Pan out - Tradução em português

Pan out -> ter sucesso; vingar

We have to accept that some of our investments won't pan out.

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5 respostas
Thomas 7 60 290
This expression comes from gold panning. I'm talking about "garimpeiros". You put mud or soil in your pan, add water. swirl the water around the pan, and "if things pan out", you have gold. Good expression for plans, ventures, etc.
It makes sense. Thank you. =)
Thomas 7 60 290
"Dar certo" is a good equivalent in most situations.

If this job pans out...
If our relationship pans out...
If the new business pans out...
The plans for attending the university did not pan out, so I....
Daniel.S 1 2 7
Hi there!

dar resultado...

Take care,

See how things pan out = ver como ficam as coisas