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The graft involved appealed to Radcliffe's own unstinting work ethic. James Watkins says: "I'd researched Dan, and lots of people told me how dedicated he is. And I thought, OK, is this just the party line? Then you meet him and he is all of those things. He really is willing to do the work, and he's incredibly brave – he's happy to try the craziest of ideas."
Cue the actor's feet-first enthusiasm for the "anarchic" spirit of SNL. "For the people that work there it's a very hard job because the hours are pretty unrelenting," says Radcliffe. "But what a gratifying job as well, to have nothing at the beginning of the week, then by the Saturday you put on this show that you've created. It's the best of theatre and film – the instant gratification of having a live audience there, but also the creation of the sets and messing around with wigs, and the film-type elements that they use as well. I want a permanent position there, as I told them all when I left!" he laughs.
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Thomas 14700 7 59 287
party line = dogma, something said without thinking because it is what you have been taught to say

Telma Regina 23305 9 60 586
Cue the actor's first feet enthusiasm - "cue" in the theater, films, music, is anything that serves as a signal to an actor, musician, etc. to follow with specific lines or action. (The Free dictionary) Pode ser traduzida como o momento do ator entrar no palco.
(In fact, it can be often used for timing purposes, for example, comedy, action, or dance).

Henry Cunha 10170 3 16 182
Cue the actor's feet-first enthusiasm for the "anarchic" spirit of SNL.

Marcante o entusiasmo desinibido do ator pelo espírito anárquico do Saturday Night Live.

feet-first enthusiasm = entusiasmo de 'meter-a-cara'