Poached some of the biggest names - Tradução em português

Today, he's publisher. He's created a host of thriller bestsellers: Panic by Jeff Abbott, The Shakespeare Secret by JL Carrell, The Brutal Art by Jesse Kellerman. He's taken over editing major brand-name (crime) authors including Billingham, Nelson DeMille and Duncan Falconer. He's poached some of the biggest names in the genre from rival publishers – McDermid, Lehane, Hiaasen.

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He took some of the biggest names in the genre from rival publishers.

Poached meaning that it wasn´t somehow expected to take/snatch from the rival publishers (wether if it means that
it was without rival publisher´s authorization, approval/agreement/consent/commendation. Which makes the "poaching" something like a sort of "transpassing".

Well, it´s my opinion and interpretation here. Of course this "trespassing" could be also thought in a teasing/mocking way.