Poor cow; Coked out of her - Tradução em português

Carver grunted. His bad temper was exacerbated by the conviction that Wardle was excited by the presence of the photographers. Boyishly good-looking, with thick, wavy brown hair now frosted with snow, Wardle had, in Carver's opinion, dawdled on their few forays outside the tent.
"At least that lot'll shift once the body's gone," said Wardle, still looking out at the photographers.
"They won't go while we're still treating the place like a fucking murder scene," snapped Carver.
Wardle did not answer the unspoken challenge. Carver exploded anyway.
"The poor cow jumped. There was no one else there. Your so-called witness was coked out of her -"
"It's coming," said Wardle, and to Carver's disgust, he slipped back out of the tent, to wait for the ambulance in full sight of the cameras.

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Sra_Tradutora 6 75
poor cow = pobrezinha
...witness was coked out of her mind = ...testemunha tinha tomado muita cocaína e não poderia ter visto nada