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Friend/ex = friend/ex-girlfriend.
F/22 = female and 22 years old.
M/22 = male and 22 years old.
Pretty = muito.
Mean = maldoso.
Broke up = terminar relação.
I've come to find out = eu vim a saber, eu vim a descobrir.
From the start = desde o começo.
Evasive = evasivo.
Be over = ter acabado.
On top of that = e ainda por cima.
Get over = superar.
I'm prefer = eu preferiria.
At all = de jeito algum, de maneira alguma.
Upset over = perturbado com, aborrecido com.
Prospect = possibilidade.
Relay to = passar no sentido de transmitir uma ideia.
Platonically = platonicamente (de amor platônico).
Close = próximos.
Pick back up = recuperar, reestabelecer.
Issue = problema.
Break off contact = cortar o contato.
Man up = seja um homem.
Door mat = capacho.
Capacity = posição.
Get upset = ficar aborrecida.
Too bad = que pena.
Common decency = o mínimo de decência, o mínimo de honestidade.
Flawed = imperfeito.


I recently discovered that a friend/ex (F/22) of mine (M/22) has said some pretty mean things to other people about our brief relationship, which ended a few months ago. She broke up with me without any real explanation, and basically I've come to find out that she was pretty unsatisfied with the relationship from the start, but she decided not to tell me anything.

I'm hurt, because when I asked her about these same issues during the break up she lied or gave an evasive answer. The fact that she was over it from the start makes the pre-relationship confession of feelings seem pretty dishonest too, which just makes me feel like an idiot. On top of that she wanted to remain friends, which has made me uncomfortable the entire time because I've had to deal with getting over her while still seeing her often. I almost feel like I'm being used for my friendship, in the same way that other people are used for sex.

I'd prefer if we didn't see each other at all, at least for a while, but she has become upset over that prospect in the past. How do I relay this to her, while still maintaining the possibility of future friendship? We were genuinely, platonically close before, and I'd like to pick that back up eventually.


She's immature.

You've your own maturity issues if you want to be friends someday in the future with an ex who was never in love with you, breaks up without explanation, can't keep private matters private, and still gets upset if you want to break off contact.

Man up and stop being a door mat. Tell her you need space to recover, and can't continue to see her in any capacity. If she gets upset, say the following magic words that will make you feel better: "too bad". Ask her any other unanswered questions you have at the same time. Tell her she owed you the common decency of an explanation regarding her feelings, and the maturity to keep private matters private.

And stop hoping to be friends with a flawed ex.

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4 respostas
Thomas 7 60 288
Great vocabulary, Dude! If I ever find a girlfriend, I may need to refer to your list.

Mean can also mean good, strong, severe, etc. I heard Dude makes a mean caipirinha (delicious caipirinha). Dorothy packs a mean punch. (She hits very hard.) Jack took a mean test (severe, demanding). A mean storm is coming this way (terrible, severe storm).

Man up = seja um homem. (I have also heard "to cowboy up".)
Marcio_Farias 1 23 214
Can't say much about it. I've sent an ex-girlfriend away more than four times at a time. The first time I did it I blamed the end of our relationship on a limp slice of cold pizza. The second time I did it I had grown tired of her; the third time had me rejecting her on the same grounds; the fourth and posterior instances had me curtly sending her away for no reason at all.

Now I have this girlfriend with whom I hope I will have an everlasting, stable (and mature) relationship.
Thomas, if you don't mind eating cold pizza, you can have Marcio's ex-girlfriend. :mrgreen:
Marcio_Farias 1 23 214
Just leave Thomas out of it. I think I should have added my ex managed to get over it and eventually met another man, a caring man with whom she has lived happily ever since. Since '97, at least.
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