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Next summer we plan to go to Ecuador. / trigger sentence

After classes end in June, some friends and I want to travel to Ecuador. I am eager to look for a charango in Otavalo. The arts and crafts around the La Plaza del Poncho area are amazing, and the town has talented luthiers. Wilma is anxious to visit Riobamba, where we can take a six hour ride on a vintage train to The Devil's Nose. For the last few miles the old diesel engine follows tracks that hug the mountainside, giving passengers plenty of thrills. Bill wants to stop in Quito, making a side trip to The Middle of the World. His dream is to have a photo taken showing him with one foot in the Northern Hemisphere and one foot in the Southern. Sally is an architecture major, and she is begging us to spend a few days in Cuenca so that she can see the old colonial structures. Liz wants to hit the beaches around Esmeralda and Salinas. Jack wants to see his kid brother who is taking Spanish classes in Guayaquil. Would you like to tag along?

How's that, Daniel? Did I "riff on" enough for you? LOL
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Acho que significa "referência a", como na frase...The story’s title, “Kid Flash of Two Worlds” is also an obvious riff on Flash #123’s “The Flash of Two Worlds”(O título da história, "Kid Flash of Two Worlds" é uma óbvia referência ao (título da revista de quadrinhos) Flash 123, "The Flash of Two Worlds").
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