Tradução de "Rock Dust Like Stars"

Bene Menezes
How can I have a free translation to Portuguese language of the term: "Rock Dust Like Stars"?
I haven't found it, in nowhere! (I've just been lookin' for it, in several 'homes' about!)
Thank's a lot!
Bene Menezes
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7 respostas
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PPAULO 54840 6 43 983
Suppose you meant ''Rock Dust light Star"

Rock dust light star,
Coming at you baby,
Thirty six thousand miles an hour,
Rock dust light star,
Comin' at you baby,
What you made of what you are.

I loosely translate as "pó de pedra de (uma) estrela leve."
Oh, it´s just a speck, what harm it could do? what about the 36,000 miles/hour? now it´s just innocent dust coming?

Telma Regina 23305 9 60 586
Sugestão no contexto: "Rock Dust Light Star"

Rock Dust Light Star .................Rock, Partículas, Luz, Estrela
Coming at you baby,...................Vindo até você,
Thirty six thousand miles an hour,.. Trinta e seis mil milhas por hora
Rock dust light star,...................Rock, Partículas, Luz, Estrela
Comin' at you baby,....................Vindo até você, baby
What you made of what you are......O que fez você do que você é

Bene Menezes
So sorry 'PPaulo'!
I understood more less your explanation. I had a little confusion when I read your message. However, something that was explaned I understood very well, ok!? Thank's a lot for You, Man. Nice!
That's all!

Thank's, Telma Regina!
Your explanation was so much better for my understanding! It becomes easyler for to understand. - Nice!
God bless You!

Signed: Benè Menezes-SP
March, 06th 2013 - 10:21pm

Bene Menezes
Ops! - I've just been writin' a word wrongly! - I wrote "easyler"; It's so much wrong.
The correct way is "easiest" (translation Pt>: mais fácil)
So sorry for it! - Bye!

PPAULO 54840 6 43 983
The thing is, the music in his sang version have the pauses (acts as commas
"rock, dust, light, star." The lyrics have not.

Anyway, no sweat.

PPAULO 54840 6 43 983
Aha! lame excuse, tough. He he.

Bene Menezes
Ooh, There is no problem, brother!
Thank You for your helping!

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