Scares the bejesus out of me... - Tradução em português

"Just a few days ago," Bergner tells me, "I had a male radio interviewer yelling at me on air. And when I finally had a finished manuscript, I gave it to a couple of married male friends, one of whom said, 'This is a cause for deep concern' and the other said, 'This scares the bejesus out of me.'" Well, yes; it is a little confronting, the idea that fidelity has no natural defender. "The level of self-delusion that we are capable of, here, especially men, is astonishing," the author laughs. I imagine it's like meeting your wife at 4am in the saloon bar of life. If you're here, who's minding the farm?

Por favor, traduzir as partes destacadas. Obrigado.

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to scare the bejesus out of someone
to frighten someone very badly (said with humor.)

The writer has chosen a polite, courteous way of saying something, something usually employing profanity. Compare with:
to scare the hell out of someone
to scare the f*ck out of someone
to scare the sh*t out of someone (very common)
to scare the crap out of someone
to scare the snot out of someone

in the saloon bar of life. If you're here, who's minding the farm?

saloon bar of life = an imaginary, hypothetical place

who's minding the farm?
The usual expression is "store". He is asking, "Who is in charge? Who is protecting what must be protected, defending what must be defended, doing what must be done?

Let's say that you walk into a restaurant and find five of your coworkers having lunch. You ask, "Who's minding the store?" (If so many employees are here, who is in the office?)
You go to the beach and find a group of neighbors. "Who's minding the farm?"
(So many people are here from the neighborhood, I wonder if anyone is at home.)

If your wife enters a bar at 4:00 AM and you are already there, who is taking responsibility for the marriage?