Shine out - Tradução em português

O que quer dizer 'becomingly' , 'ill-used', 'long-wished-for', 'whole wide world', 'shine out', 'stay-lace'?

: "And pray, Cinderella, would you like to go to the ball?" /"Nay, you are mocking me," replied the poor girl; "it is not for such as I to go to balls." "True enough," rejoined they; "folks would laugh to see a Cinderella at a court ball." These two step-sisters were very cruel to Cinderella, and ill-used her much. Ah! what sweet friends are our own born sisters!--there can be no substitutes like them in the whole wide world./ Any other but Cinderella would have dressed their hair awry to punish them for their impertinence, but she was so good-natured that she dressed them most becomingly. Although they disdained her, and while they would themselves make a great figure in the world, sought to degrade and lower her, see how the lovely disposition of Cinderella shines out. Although she was not allowed to go to the ball of the king's son, she not only advised them well how they could array themselves to appear to the best advantage, but she even--what greatness of heart to do that!--with her own hands dresses their hair, and in the most becoming manner her delicate taste can suggest. /The two sisters were so delighted, that they scarcely ate a morsel for a couple of days. They spent their whole time before a looking-glass, and they would be laced so tight, to make their waists as slender as possible, that more than a dozen stay-laces were broken in the attempt. / The long-wished-for evening came at last, and these proud misses stepped into the carriage and drove away to the palace. / Cinderella looked after the coach as far as she could see, and then returned to the kitchen in tears; where, for the first time, she bewailed her hard and cruel degradation. She continued sobbing in the corner of the chimney, until a rapping at the kitchen-door roused her, and she got up to see what had occasioned, it.

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Daniel.S 1 2 7
'becomingly': de forma apropriada ou que atrai os olhos

'ill-used': é a forma no passado de ill-use que ao meu ver pode ser entendido como maltratar ou fazer alguém de gato e sapato

'long-wished-for': taõa esperada / tão esperando

'whole wide world': mundo a fora / mundo gigantesco

'shine out': destacar, sobressair.

'stay-lace': uma espécie de cinta na forma de um laço para manter a cintura mais justa.


'whole wide world' = www dos endereços da internet
Flavia.lm 1 10 96
WhosRenato escreveu:'whole wide world' = www dos endereços da internet
Quase, Renato. O correto é www = world wide web
Daniel.S 1 2 7
* tão esperada/ tão esperado