Silver seats - Tradução em português

I turned the iPod completely off, wrapped the earphone cord around it, and stowed it in my pocket. I double-checked that I was nowhere near the “silver seats”, where all electronic devices are to be turned off in deference to anyone who might have a pacemaker

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Adriano Japan 2 20
Oi Simon, tudo bom?
Acho que a expressão não existe no inglês, "Silver Seat" nada mais é que um 和製英語(wasei-eigo), ou um pseudo-anglicismo criado pelos japoneses mas que não se usa por quem tem o inglês como língua nativa.

Em suma, o anglicismo acima significa priority seat, ou "assento preferencial."
Thomas 7 60 290
Another possibility, Adriano, is that "silver seats" refer to "silver hair". Most people who use pacemakers have silver (grisalho) hair, right?

Also, it is possible that "silver seats" is ONLY USED by that one theater. I've never heard of it elsewhere. It could have been invented by that particular institution. If the word is widely used, why did the writer explain it to the reader?
Adriano Japan 2 20
Hi Thomas!
The "silver seats" are often seen in public spaces, specially in trains and stations in Japan.
The people call it "shirubaa shiito" = silver seat, and as one of unrecognizable anglicisms, they often get anglophones with a face like (what??).
It´s the same when they try to figure out what means, for instance:

after service
open car
gasoline stand

more here.
p.s.: have you ever seen the movie "Lost in Translation"? A good one to have a laugh. :mrgreen:
Thomas 7 60 290
Pilipino English can be fun too. How is your "comfort station"? Can you believe it means "toilet"?

So, "silver seat" is gairaigo. Weird... I wonder where the Japanese saw it if Anglophones don't understand it?