Society of Company in London, yea wholly - Tradução em português

“The Church or company of worshippers,” he wrote, “is like unto . . . A Corporation, Society, or Company of East-Indie or Turkie-Merchants, or any other Society of Company in London: which Companies may hold their Courts, keep their Records, hold disputations; and in matters concerning their Societie, may dissent, divide, breake into Schism and Factions, sue and impale each other at the Law, yea wholly dissolve and breake up into pieces, and yet the peace of the Citie not be in the least measure impaired or disturbed; because the essence or being of the Citie, and so the well-being and peace thereof is essentially distinct from those particular Societies; the Citie-Courts, Citie-Lawes, Citie-punishments distinct from theirs. The Citie was before them, and stands absolute and intire, when such a Corporation is taken down.”

Esse tipo de inglês é remoto (século 17), Mas esse "yea" começando a frase, corresponde ao moderno "indeed"? JÁ O Society of Company in London aparenta ser um termo específico, não sendo adequado traduzi-lo literalmente, pelo menos é o que me parece. Can anyone shed some light on this?

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I would say its meaning would be "thus/so"; in this specific case, I mean.

The punctuation used in this century was not that good, or this guy wrote in a hurry. Maybe he wasn´t the sharpest guy with writing or he didn´t care an iota about punctuation. That is, he did care, but only about commas! :-)
E a "Society of Company in London", alguém sabe?
PPAULO 6 47 1.1k
I would say that "sociedade de companhias/sociedades corporativas" (sociedade de corporações) would do.

In fact, I found a description of one such societies from a site: a society in which large business corporations grew to be principal competitors or partners with government in shaping social order.

It could be a range of them, securities, commerce (a great corporation like the East India Company - (Companhia das Indias Ocidentais), Dutch West India Company (Companhia das Índias Ocidentais). They are deemed the first Private Limited Companies, sort of.
Then London was an economic and financial hub, so those companies would be regulated and their trade issues would be taken to London "societies of companies", in which trade issues would be brought to. Hence they worked as/they were courts, like the text points out.
In today parlance, we can say that they are tantamount to "Comissões de Bolsa de Valores", sort of.
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